• Behavioral Science Meets Restaurants

    Our app makes them hungry. Joining us sends them to you before anyone else.

    The FoodieFinds consumer app experience.

    Are you hungry?

    The moment you open the app, see the food you love in augmented reality. When you touch an item you want, you can see more items or go right to getting it. When you own a restaurant or bar, you have the option to get your food and drinks shown first.

  • Testimonials

    Business Customer Stories


    Warren Newman

    Restaurant Entrepreneur

    The app works too well. Every time I'm hungry it shows me something I want -- like it's psychic, and the next thing I know I'm getting it. Finally, an end to the Google Yelp DoorDash vortex.

    Sofia Cagle

    Social Media Influencer

    THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING. You don't have to think. You just open the app, see food, and one-touch to get it. The more I use it, the more it learns what I like.

    Hunter Newton

    Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant Chain

    We spend a lot on marketing, but we've never seen anything like this. We used to put coupons and other marketing tactics out there, but this system seems to have mind control over hungry people.